Small Change Bag

Teconomy_change_bag1his economy-sized change bag is perfect for small groups and mission trips.

Make things appear, disappear and even change in the blink of an eye. This, by far, has been one of our favorites for years.

Take a small handkerchief and have people name sins. As they list the sins, use a permanent marker to write them on the hanky. Explain that one bad thing is enough to separate us from God and that we’ve all done wrong things (Romans 3:23). Then show that the bag is empty (just like people who haven’t received Jesus). Have a volunteer put the “Sin” hanky into the bag and then explain how Jesus died and rose again. He made a way to save us from our sins and to remove them forever…Have the volunteer reach in the bag and pull out the hanky. It’s clean – All the sins are gone!

Color and design may vary.

Cost: $12.50

Watch the Video – The video uses a stage-sized change bag.

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