Fishers of Men Bracelet – Brass

The recognizable links of this bracelet are a reference to the first disciples who followed Jesus and became “fishers of men.”

Available in 3 convenient sizes:

This is a great gift either for those who actively share their faith or as a witnessing tool for someone who is “fishing” for more in life. The bracelet comes with 2 gift cards from which to choose:

(1) One card says, “Because you are a Fisher of Men” with a link to 20 devotions to encourage and inspire evangelism. Check out this content

(2) The other card can be used for someone who loves fishing but doesn’t yet follow Christ. It says, “Fishing for More?” and has a link to videos and information to help answers their life and spiritual questions. Check out this content

All these resources were prepared by conservative, Bible-believing organizations with a passion for sharing Christ’s love. The proceeds from this product support the mission and ministry of

CAUTION: This product may contain small parts that could be hazardous to small children. Because parts of this product might have been produced where fishing equipment is made or was manufactured overseas, it could have been exposed to or contain certain amounts of lead. This product is intended for adult fashion and decorative uses only. Do not put items into mouth or ingest. Not intended for children. This warning is supplied with the product.