Creation Bag


Show an empty bag. Turn it upside down. There’s nothing inside, right? But just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. You can’t see God but by faith you know He’s real. Reach in the empty bag and pull out a container of flowers. Repeat it again and again to pull out three different flower boxes. This is also a great illustration to show that we can’t create something from nothing–only God can and He did when He created the world in Genesis 1.

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Medium Size Bag


These bags are  8×6″ and great for small to mid-size groups. They usually come in a solid color (gray or blue) but the color and bag design may vary.
Cost: $15.95


Creation-Bag-300x300Stage Size Bag

The large size is perfect for any size audience.
Cost: $19.95
(The color and design on the bag may vary.)

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