Beans, Beans

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Enjoy 50 short and funny stories that teach good character based on truths taught in the Bible. Come discover Tribbledy Tibbledy Libbledy Dooth who would never ever tell the truth, a talking sandwich, the boy who never quit eating, a kid with a beard and so much more.

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Beans, Beans

Beans, beans, cried the child,
Bring them spicy! Bring them mild!

Beans, beans, give me some more.
And if I don’t get them, then I’ll be sore!

Beans, beans, bring ‘em on a bun.
I’m still eating. I’m not done.

Beans, beans, pour me more, dad.
And if I don’t get them, I’ll be mad!

Beans, beans, bring ‘em while their cold.
Bring ‘em while they’re fresh. Bring ‘em when they’re old.

Beans, beans, I’m ready to eat.
Give me my beans. They’re a treat!

Beans, beans, bring ‘em on bread
I’ll eat them on chips. I’ll eat them in bed!

Beans, beans, I’ll take them in a stew.
I’ll eat ‘em with pickles and cucumbers too.

Beans, beans, if I don’t get them I’ll scream!
I’ll put them on cookies and in my ice cream.

Beans, beans, hot or cold, I don’t care.
Bring me some more and more if you dare.

Beans, beans, they’re almost all gone,
But I’m still hungry so keep piling them on.

Beans, beans–Wait! Something is rumbling.
I think it’s too late. My stomach is tumbling.

Beans, beans–Boy, this’ll spoil it.
I think I now need to run to the toilet!

Someone who has self-control is able to control his thoughts and appetites. For example, if the boy in the story would have had self-control, he would have been able to control his desire for more beans. But self-control goes far beyond the dinner table. God wants you to have the kind of self-control where you resist bad thoughts, wrong desires and temptations and always do what is right instead.
The Bible says in Galatians 5:22-23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control…”

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