Simple Teaching Curriculum

 Simple and easy to teach.


These lessons were originally created to be taught by 5th graders as a way of teaching them to minister to younger children. Using these lessons, we’ve led nearly 20 mission trips where preteens and 6th graders did all of the classroom teaching including the Bible lessons, memory verse, craft time and game time. It’s amazing to watch kids bringing kids to Christ.

These lessons are also great for teacher training (we’ve trained both college students and adults how to teach kids using these lessons), mission trips or to have on hand to last-minute substitute teachers.

Purchase all THREE or get one at a time:

  • VBS Curriculum–Treasure Quest
  • Mission Curriculum–Jesus is #1
  • Mission Curriculum–Jesus Saves!

(NOTE: Although some of these lessons include craft ideas, they have been primarily a teaching curriculum.)


Coming soon…Training Preteens for Ministry