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More Illustration Items

Nail Puzzle – Try to unlock the twisted nails. You can…if you know the secret.



Alphabet Cards – Using these cards is a great way to introduce any topic. Use them in a small group word scramble. Or hide them around the room and see if your students can find them and discover the key word for the day. The uses for a card deck like this are incredible.

Hand Spies – Put on a Hand Spy and suddenly your fingers comes to life as a puppet. Or, give these to your kids and share a Bible lesson using your students’ hands to tell the story. Each order includes 12 Hand Spies and two interactive Bible lessons that use your kids with puppets to teach the lesson.

Mustache Mania – Call up a volunteer to represent a character in a Bible story or to be used in an illustration, but maybe this character is going to do something wrong…”Johnny, I know you’d never do this, so we’re going to change your look and give you a new name.” Hand him a mustache and call him “Ralphie” or some other fun name, and the mustache, of course, is his to keep. Or give a mustache to every student and have a “I Mustache You a Question” Day. Let your students write down their questions and take time to answer them.

Rocket Balloons – “Launch” a new series with a “blast.” Use these Rocket Balloons to illustrate what it means to “miss the mark” of God’s perfection. Shoot them at targets and explain to your kids that “close” doesn’t count when you’re talking about Heaven. Then send a balloon or a package of balloons home with each student so that they can remember and pass on what they have learned.