Leading an Invitation for Kids

cross_blueAnyone can get kids to raise their hands or repeat some words but how do you give an invitation that is effective and appropriate?

This information was created to help you develop an effective plan for giving kids the opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

It also addresses two extremes that we see growing inside our churches:

  • Because we’re afraid that kids will make salvation decisions when they’re not ready and without a full understanding, some churches have moved to a position of presenting the Gospel but not giving kids a chance to respond.
  • Other churches have adopted a position of inviting children with the idea that “God will eventually sort it out” without the resources and training to help kids truly understand the decision they are making.

This purchase includes:

  • A three-page PDF guide explains an easy and effective way to give an invitation for kids
  • An audio session for Leading Invitation Times with Children (8:39 min)
  • An audio session for Preparing a Decision Room for Children (7:22 min)

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be redirected to a webpage that will contain a link and passcode for immediate access to this information.

Cost: $7.50