Give your students a daily reminder of what they’ve learned.

Currently in Stock:

Glow in the Dark “Jesus Saves!” wristbandswristband2

Cost per dozen: $12
(Assorted colors. One size fits all.)


Multi-Color “Who Does Jesus Love?” wristbands

Cost per dozen: $12wristband1

(Assorted colors. One size fits all.)


Ninja Eyes “Stay Alert! 1 Peter 5:8” wristband


wristbandninja2Cost per dozen: $12

(One size fits all.)


The above wristbands were created to coordinate in using Controls Tools with children–i.e., The leader says, “What do you know?” and the kids all answer, “Jesus Saves!” Or, the leader says, “Who does Jesus Love?” and the kids shout back “Meeeeeeeee!” Learn more about Control Tools here.

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