Change Bag

Change bagDescription

Make things appear, disappear and even change in the blink of an eye. This, by far, has been one of our favorites for years.

Take a handkerchief and have people name sins. As they list the sins, use a permanent marker to write them on the hanky. Explain that one bad thing is enough to separate us from God and that we’ve all done wrong things (Romans 3:23). Then show that the bag is empty (just like people who haven’t received Jesus). Have a volunteer put the “Sin” hanky into the bag and then explain how Jesus died and rose again. He made a way to save us from our sins and to remove them forever…Have the volunteer reach in the bag and┬ápull out the hanky. It’s clean – All the sins are gone!

Cost: $25.00

Color and design may vary.


Economy-Sized┬áChange Bag – See HERE.

Christmas Changing Illusion – See HERE.


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