Christmas Family Devotions

christmas-ornament300These are fun, action-packed, easy-to-lead Christmas family devotions. Set aside one night each week for a “special time” where you and your kids can have family fun together and learn valuable lessons from God’s Word. No advanced planning is needed. Anyone can do this. Just grab your special time devotion for the night and it will tell you what to do and what you need, if anything. To make these devotions even easier, we have designed them to use items that are commonly found in most homes.

This purchase includes:

  • 5 Weeks of Activities – Each week includes a family devotion, one “Food for Thought” activity that involves a food items and a “Making Memories” activity. Take a look at one of the devotions HERE.
  • Christmas Traditions – Suggestions for things you can do to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas celebration.
  • Fun in the Snow – 5 activities that you can have fun with your family and share spiritual truths any times it snows this winter.

For more suggestions on how to lead family devotions, take a look at:
The Nine Commandments of the Special Time

Cost: $10