Gospel Coloring Book


The Bible Coloring Book appears blank. Then it shows black and white pictures and then the pictures change to full color. It’s amazing! Kids will gasp when they see it.

Great for teaching that we are all empty without Jesus and even though a person might go to church and “have an outline” (black and white pages) for living, something is still missing (the color). Only when they receive Jesus do they become complete.

Cost: $15.00

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Vanishing CrayonsVanishing Crayons–Just before you change the coloring book to full-color, show these crayons to your students. “A lot of times people who don’t know Jesus picture God kind of like these crayons–that God is way over there and we’re way over here. But God doesn’t want to be distant. Instead God wants to take the color of His life and come inside of your life.” Show that the crayons have vanished and the color is now inside the book. This great effect helps to seal a powerful point.

Cost: $7.00 


Coloring BookRegular Gospel Coloring Book & BLANK Coloring Book Pack – With this order you will get both a Gospel Coloring Book that changes from blank to black and white to full-color as well as a look-alike “Blank” Gospel Coloring Book–After doing the illusion, secretly trade out the real Gospel Coloring Book with the blank version. Call up a volunteer and let him thumb the pages. No matter what he does, it will stay blank.

Get Both Coloring Books for only: $22.50

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