Making Visits

cmt_Making VisitsDiscover how to effectively make home visits for the purpose of evangelism, ministry and more. Includes six step-by-step sessions including one on making hospital visits.

  • Making Visits, part 1Before You Leave (35:02)
  • Making Visits, part 2- On the Porch and Beyond (24:47)
  • Making Visits, part 3Obstacles and After the Visit (26:19)
  • Making Visits, part 4Follow-Up Visits (13:40)
  • Making Visits, part 5Sunday School, Ministry, and Church Strengthening Visits (20:39)
  • Making Visits, part 6Hospital Visits (11:24)

Audio length: 129 minutes. 
Cost: $7.50

This audio CD will be mailed to you.

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