Devotions for Leaders

devosAn effective children’s ministry invests in three key elements: children, parents, and volunteers. The following weekly devotions are a great way of spiritually challenging and encouraging your volunteers and can be printed and mailed, posted to a website or sent by e-mail. Once you make your purchase you can also provide your church’s login information so that your leaders will have direct access to this page as well.

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Weekly Topics

Week 1—”No, Ma’am. I won’t–Ever”
Week 2—The Priority of a Children’s Ministry Leader
Week 3—Our Purpose
Week 4—Share Jesus
Week 5—Fellowship
Week 6—You Can Only Give What You Have
Week 7—Counting the Cost
Week 8—Kisses to God
Week 9—Protection
Week 10—Risks
Week 11—Encouragement
Week 12—Creativity
Week 13—Trusting
Week 14—Investing
Week 15—Coaching
Week 16–Empowering
Week 17–Evangelism
Week 18—God’s Love in Fellowship
Week 19—An In-Love Relationship
Week 20—Relying on God
Week 21—Yes, Lord
Week 22—Love for the Unlovely
Week 23—Caught, Not Taught
Week 24—Modeling
Week 25—Understanding
Week 26—Sharpening
Week 27—Prepared
Week 28—Opportunities
Week 29—Teamwork
Week 30—Accountability
Week 31—Optimism
Week 32—Just One More
Week 33—If I Believed What You Say…
Week 34—A Call From Below
Week 35–Knock Again
Week 36—Do You Care?
Week 37–Thank You
Week 38—The Hitchhiker
Week 39—The Difference One Moment Can Make
Week 40—How Much Do You Care?
Week 41—A Call from Within
Week 42—All My Desire…
Week 43—Like Christ
Week 44—Forgiveness
Week 45—Not of the World
Week 46—Giving
Week 47—Confession
Week 48—Self-Examination
Week 49—Godliness
Week 50—Pause
Week 51—Encouragement
Week 52—Thankfulness