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If you have a book, sermons,  devotions or a Christian novel that you are interested in publishing, please contact us at with a description of your project for a price quote.
See samples of some of our books HERE.

Services provided:

Print books – For a little as $5.50 each plus shipping. Professionally produced and bound with a soft cover. We typically print in a 9″x6″ size although we can print both larger and smaller sizes. Our prices allow you to easily sell these books for $10-$12 each and unlike most publishers, there is no minimum order. Contact us for more details and for current pricing on our one-time book set-up fee.

Digital books – We produce and publish eBook through Smashwords. We will set-up a free account for you, produce your book in a variety of digital formats and, if you want, make them available to eBook distributors such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. Once you set-up your banking information with them, the proceeds from any purchases will be deposited into your bank account once each quarter.

Cover Design – We can provide basic full-color, cover design but you can also use your own designer. See our books for examples of design covers. Availability is limited.

Editing Services – We can provide professional quality editing services. Availability is limited.

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Contact us at with a brief description of your project.


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