Christmas Travel Talks

star-mountainThe purpose of Travel Talks is to stir family spiritual conversations in the car and on the go. In this audio series, join ventriloquist Kolby King and his puppet-friend, “Jay the monkey,” for some Christ-centered Christmas fun,

This series is comprised of six, fun short audio segments, each of which gives the listeners a question and then asks them to stop the recording, go around the car and take turns sharing their answers.

This is a great way to engage your kids on the way to school!

Series Overview:

  • Christmas Episode #1-Gifts, Gifts, Gifts – 4:02 min
  • Christmas Episode #2–The Christmas Cow – 3:51 min
  • Christmas Episode #3–Joy to the Squirrels – 6:08 min
  • Christmas Episode #4–Three Trees – 8:17 min
  • Christmas Episode #5–The Night Before Christmas – 3:41 min
  • Christmas Episode #6–We Wish You a Merry Christmas – 0:57 min

Listen to the first segment here:

Cost: $8.95

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