Making Wise Choices


Help your students make wise choices.

This pack features 10 questions to help students figure out what’s right, what’s wrong and what God desires and also includes one interactive teaching session.

To see the entire 5-session, Wise Choices Pack, go HERE

Preview the 10 “Making Wise Choices” Questions below:

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“When I was 15-years old, my youth minister one Sunday evening passed out a small card with several questions to help guide us in making wise, biblical decisions. He challenged us to put it somewhere where we would see it often and where it would be available to help us in times of indecision. I put this card on the back of my bedroom door. At night I would close my door, kneel down and pray there. Many times, as I asked God for guidance in decision-making, I would review the questions on this card. It stayed there for the next ten years and was a valuable help to me.”

May these questions be as valuable to your students as they seek to live for Christ and do His will.

This purchase includes:

  • Ten graphic images with permission to print, email, post, add to your website or app and more.
  • A printable card to give to your students
  • A one-session outline and sermon guide for teaching your students


Cost: $12.50

Watch for the “Making Wise Choices” app coming soon…