Vanishing Crayons

Vanishing Crayons1Show these crayons to your group. Explain that the world will offer you a lot of things and a lot of people follow after the things of this world. But there’s nothing in this world that can give you real life – Real life is only found in Jesus Christ.

“Don’t get tricked (put your hand over the crayons) because the world is only offering you an ‘illusion.’ (Remove your hand and show that the crayons have vanished!) An illusion is something that looks real but it’s not.” End by reading and discussing 1 John 2:15-17.

The crayons are also great to use with the Gospel Coloring Book, as seen below.

Cost: $7.00


The Bible coloring book appears blank. Then there are black and white pictures and then it changes to full color. It’s amazing! Kids will gasp when they see it.

Great for teaching that we are all empty without Jesus and even though a person might go to church and “have an outline” (black and white pages) for living, something is still missing (the color). Show the Vanishing Crayons and explain that our sin separates us from God – God is perfect and we are not. (Hold the crayons and book apart and show the distance between them.) Only when a person receives Jesus do they become complete. (Put the crayons behind the book and pull them out to reveal that the crayons are gone. Then thumb the book to show it in full-color.)

“God has brought the color of His life into your life!”

Cost: $15.00

Watch the video below…


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