Evangelism Training Conference

cross_flag300Evangelism Training—This all-church event will not only challenge your church but will also give them hands on training in how to:

  • Effectively share their faith with others
  • Lead a person of any age (including children) to Christ
  • Create evangelism opportunities in every day life
  • Engage in effective door-to-door outreach
  • Organize and execute an effect community outreach or visitation program (if you desire)
  • This training is customized to meet your evangelism needs.
  • This conference can also be combined with the following that specifically targets reaching kids for Christ…

Leading Kids to Christ—This conference is great for children’s leaders, VBS volunteers, youth, decision room counselors, and parents who desire to be ready to know when their child is ready to accept Christ and how to lead their own child to Christ. This conference will teach about:

  • When a child can be saved
  • How to know if a child is ready to accept Christ
  • How to share the Gospel on a child’s level
  • What to do after a child accepts Christ.
  • This conference will also teach important follow-up tools and techniques such as explaining baptism to a child, helping children deal with salvation doubts, and key assurance illustrations to explain concepts such as why we ask for forgiveness after we are saved.

About the Leaders

Kolby & Mary Beth King are the founders of 330ministries and have been training groups for over 20 years. Kolby is a former Southern Baptist pastor and currently serves in full-time evangelism.

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