Nail Puzzle


Try to unlock the twisted nails. You can…if you know the secret.

This is a great tool to illustrate spiritual truth.

Call up a couple of volunteers to try to separate the nails. Most people can’t figure it out. Then, you can use this illustration as a springboard into a variety of topics.

Here are some ideas:

  • The Gospel shouldn’t be kept secret. God’s truth is for everyone but how will they know if no one tells them (Romans 10:13-15).

“I can separate the nails because someone showed me how…In the same way, how will people know the way to Christ if no one tells them how…”

  • God’s Word is our Instruction Book

“I can separate the nails because I read and followed the instructions. God’s book is our instruction book for how to live life and the Bible tells us…[the topic you are introducing].”

Cost: $3.95 for 3 Nail Puzzles



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