Finger Traps

Camera: DCS420D Serial #: 420-7481 Width: 1524 Height: 1012 Date: 8/28/97 Time: 11:07:19 Counter: [58] ISO: 125 Aperture: F16 Shutter: 100 Lens (mm): 35 Exposure: M Program: Po Exp Comp: 0.0 Meter area: Cntr Flash sync: Norm Drive mode: S Focus mode: M Focus area: Wide Distance: 1.0mIt’s amazing how many kids don’t know what a finger trap is. Stick a finger in both sides and you’re stuck! Simply push in (not out) and you can free yourself. That’s the secret to getting out.

This a great illustration for teaching how we are all trapped by sin but we can’t free ourselves from sin. Only Jesus can set us free.

Comes with instructions for the spiritual application.

Cost: $7.50 – A quantity of 12


Cost: $10 – A quantity of 20


Cost: $15 – A quantity of 40