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Print-It-Yourself Tract

Get a Print-It-Yourself Tract in both black and white and in full-color, available in a variety of formats. This purchase will open access to the following: All are set for 8.5 x 11 printing. Black & White Tract – Print and Fold (.pdf) Black & White Tract – Print and Fold (.jpg) Full-Color Tract – Print and Fold (.pdf) Full-Color […]

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Printed Gospel Tract

Share Jesus on-the-go through printed copies of our Black & White Gospel tract. Why black and white? To keep the cost as low as possible. You can even buy them unfolded for an even better deal. Sold in packs of 100. The plan of salvation used in this tract is the same one in our Church Apps and in the 20 Seconds

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Decision Packs

Great for any outreach event. Includes a Gospel tract that is easy to use for all ages as well as information in dealing with salvation doubts, explaining baptism so that anyone can understand, a decision form and a prayer request form. The pack also include links to the free Heaven? app which has additional helps for

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Fall Festival Pack

Take your Fall Festival to the next level… On Sale! Get this pack for only $35.  You get… Creative Ideas – Whether you’re looking for something fresh and new or just for ways to make your regular event better, this short booklet of questions and answers is just what you’re looking for. Games & Activities –

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VBS Follow-Up

What’s your plan for following up on the kids you reach during VBS and other outreach events? An effective Follow-Up Plan is one of the key elements missing from many of our church activities. The result is, once the event is over, we’re tired or distracted by clean-up or by running off to the next

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Give your kids something fresh and new… Affordable. Impacting. A great way to connect kids with God’s truth. LOGIN HERE  if you already have the curriculum. The FLOOD is the first-ever dress-to-get wet VBS curriculum. Your curriculum pack will include: Powerful Bible lessons Engaging activities where everything teaches spiritual truth. An easy way to share

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Outreach & Visitation Program

Beyond the Walls is an Outreach Training Program aimed at helping believers engage in evangelism beyond the walls of the church. Learn to: Create opportunties to share the Gospel Share your salvation story Be ready to lead any age to Christ Overcome the fears of sharing Make effective home visits Engage in effective follow-up Successfully

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No Tear Paper

Description No Tear Paper – 4 Pieces Call up two volunteers. Give one a piece of paper with the word “World” on it. (This paper can be torn.) Give the other a piece of paper with the word “God” on it. (This is the “No Tear” paper.) (The paper actually comes blank to allow for multiple

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