No Tear Page Instructions

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A variety of illustrations can be made with No Tear paper.  The following idea was created by Christian Illusionist Kolby King as a way to introduce the plan of salvation using a Full Page of No Tear Paper.

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Part 1

Effect: Show a piece of paper that reveals God on one side and “you” and “me” on the other. There is a heart between God and us. The point is that God loves you. He created you for a purpose. You can use John 3:16 or Romans 5:8 to illustrate this.

Call up a volunteer and tell him to tear the paper directly down the heart along the dotted lines. (See the picture to the right.) He will try to tear it but no matter how strong he is, the paper won’t tear. Watch carefully to make sure he doesn’t pull out a pocket knife or begin to use his teeth. 

The Point: No one is so strong and nothing is so bad that they can tear God’s love away from you. (Romans 8:38-39). Explain that no matter what a person does, God will never stop loving him.

Part 2

Effect: Flip the paper over to show the picture on the other side. (See the picture below.) Explain that even though God loves us that we have a problem. Our problem is sin. 

Explain Romans 3:23.  

The Point: Even though God will never stop loving you when you sin, our sin separates us from God. As you explain this, tear the paper in half. This is the reason that we all need Jesus. 

The Secret

There is a small cut on the paper in the bottom line of the dotted line going through the heart. The “cut” at the bottom of the front, will be at the top of the picture on the back (above the “Sin” block) which is the reason you can apparently tear the paper from top to bottom while your volunteer can’t.

Set Up

Draw the picture on the front of the paper. Draw the back picture upside down so that it is revealed when you flip the page from top to bottom (military style). Make a small cut in the bottom dot of the dotted line which will end up somewhere in the middle of the “Sin” column on the back. 

Watch a Video

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