Kids Say the Deepest Things

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We interviewed hundreds of children at church and asked each of them 5 to 7 questions. Listen to what they said about life, God and family…

Some answers are funny, some are insightful, some show us where our kids are in their discipleship. In this book there are 380 answers to more than 50 questions as well as some a list of questions that kids have asked us.

This is a great resource that can help you step into the minds of your kids – what they are thinking and facing…

Here are some samples:

Q: Who is God?

  • The ruler of everything.
  • He lives in heaven and is nice, and wants us to do right.
  • God died on the cross for your sins and sent Jesus so we can go to heaven. He loves you very much.
  • He’s nice, kind, loving, caring, and cool. He’s got a lot of money, and He’s sinless and holy.

Q: If God gave you total power for one day, what would you do?

  • I’d kick down a tree with one arm
  • I’d go to church all day long.I guess I would stop all the bad things.
  • I would make churches all over the world.
  • I would stop and go back in time, back to when my brother died and I would say goodbye…or I’d stop it.
  • Help my grandma and great-grandma come to Christ.

Watch for more details coming soon…