Build a Fort

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Family Devotion: BUILD A FORT

You will need

Get Started

Have your family members “ransack” the house to get pillows, blankets, chairs, and whatever else they can find to build a fort. Take your time making it and let your kids be creative with it. (For example, they might want to make a tunnel entrance.) Build it big enough for everyone to fit inside.

From inside the Fort use your flashlight to read Psalm 56:3.

ASKWhat is something you’re scared of?

SHARE–Share something you were scared of when you were a child.

ASKWhat should we do when we’re scared? (Trust God.)

ASKWhy can we trust God? (He’s faithful. He’ll never let you down. He’ll always keep His Word, etc.)

Read Psalm 18:1-2 from your Bible.

ASKHow is God like a fort (fortress, stronghold) for you? (In old days people went inside a fortress to be safe. Its walls protected them from harm. God is a shield for those who follow Him and like a fort, you are safe in Him.)

ASKDoes this mean that bad things will never happen to someone who is living for Jesus? Why or why not? (Bad things still happen to good people, but there’s nothing so bad that God can’t turn it to your good.)

If they want a further answer, explain that sometimes we do wrong things and these bad choices bring “bad” things into our lives. But sometimes we do everything right and someone else does something wrong and we get hurt because of it. Even so, there’s nothing your children will ever do that is so bad that God can’t forgive them and there’s nothing so bad that can happen to them that God can’t turn it around to their good if they love Him and are walking with Him. (See Romans 8:28 for a great promise.)

PRAY—List prayer requests below and thank God that He will always take care of you.

After you’re done playing in the fort, feel free to have a pillow fight or time for your family to see how fast they can tear the fort down and put everything away. Have fun and enjoy!


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Written by Kolby King.
Copyright © 2020 by Kolby King.