Kids Fun Pack

Great for a Christmas gift, stocking stuffers or a gift any time of year.


This pack includes all of the following items:

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The Trick Lock – This little lock can’t be opened until you put it behind his back. It reads, “I will open behind your back.” Try it and maybe you’ll discover the secret.


2 Finger Traps – It’s amazing how many kids don’t know what a finger trap is. Stick a finger in both sides and you’re stuck! Simply push in (not out) and you can free yourself. That’s the secret. – 2 finger traps are included!


Nail Puzzle – Try to unlock the twisted nails. You can…if you know the secret.



“Jesus Glasses” – See “Jesus” on every point of light. This is especially amazing when you look at Christmas lights.


3 Self-Adhesive Mustaches – What kid doesn’t like putting on a fake mustache? Put on mustache and just watch the fun. – Includes 3 mustaches. Styles may vary.



Zig-Zag Rope – This illusion “cuts” a small rope or shoelace in half and completely restores it. Even though it is called  a “slicer” there is not actual cutting. This is completely safe and a great favorite among kids. Styles and color can vary.


“Jesus Saves!” Plan of Salvation STRIPES Temporary Tattoo – Use the colors on this tattoo to share the Gospel. Also features John 3:30, “Jesus must become greater; I must become less.”


“Jesus Saves!” Plan of Salvation DOTS Temporary Tattoo – Use the color dots on this tattoo to share the Gospel with your friends.


“Stay Alert” 1 Peter 5:8 Temporary Tattoo – Use this fun tattoo to remind your kids to stay alert and to stay away from sin.


1 Glow in the Dark “Jesus Saves!” Bracelet – A great way to remind any child what really matters in life.



Hand Spies – Put on a Hand Spy and suddenly your fingers comes to life as a puppet. – Color may vary.



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