Balloons for a Purpose

MBKBalloon animals are a great way to engage people with the Gospel. Use them as a teaching tool, a conversation opener in evangelism, a tool while going door-to-door, or use them in ministry for sharing the Gospel at your church or in your community.

We are currently working with Gene “Bubba” Wright, an evangelist and balloon national champion, on producing a balloon sculpture curriculum. This will be the first of its kind to not only teach basic and advanced ballooning but to give expert instruction on applying spiritual applications to balloons as well.

Discover Spiritual Application Ideas for Balloons HERE.

Training Videos

Balloon animals are a great tool to draw kids, illustrate spiritual truth and create opportunities to share the Gospel. Learn more in the videos below:

The Power of Balloon Animals

Part 1 – The Basics

Part 2 – The Big Dog

Part 3 – The Small Dog

Part 4 – The Heart

Part 5 – Wiener Dog

Part 6 – The Sword

Part 7 – The Giraffe

Part 8 – The Cross

Part 9 – Simple Fish

Part 10 – Jonah

Part 11 – A Twisted Hat


Part 12 – “Squeaky” – A Balloon Illustration Showing that God Made You Special