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“Stay Alert” Theme

Get items for this year’s camp theme…

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The back says, “Stay Alert” and then quotes 1 Peter 5:8: “The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”


Choose your Color – This design can be put on any dark color shirt – just let us know what you want. (You can also order a mix of shirt colors – ie., one color for sponsors and a different color for campers or one color for boys and a different color for girls, etc.)


Customize with your Church Name – On orders of 20 or more, we can customize the shirt with your church name on the back. We will email you a proof before printing.




  • $10.00 for 10 or less
  • $9.50 for 11-19
  • $9.00 for 20 or more. (Includes customization)
  • (An extra $2 is added per shirt for any XXL and XXXL shirts.)

(For the same price, you can also customize other styles of T-shirts seen HERE.)

(IMPORTANT: Due to the high demand of summer, please order as soon as possible. We will also have a limited number of black shirt that you can purchase at camp. Shirts at camp will cost $10 with added $2 for XXL and XXXL sizes.)










Cost: $1 each – One size fits all.

(You can also order other bracelet styles seen HERE.)


Temporary Tattoos

“Stay Alert” 1 Peter 5:8 Temporary Tattoo – Use this fun tattoo to remind your kids to stay alert and to stay away from sin.

Cost: 3 for $1

(You can also order or mix-and-match other styles seen HERE.)



I’m Ready! How to Order

To Order, simply email us at:
Please use the subject line: Victory Camp Order – [Your Church Name]. Also include the items you want and the quantities as well as the sizes and customization (color, church name, etc.) for the T-shirts. We will bring your items to camp unless you specify that you want them shipped to you.

Once we receive your order, we will email you a confirmation and an invoice. Items will not be produced until payment is received.


Free Resources:

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Children’s Bible Lessons

To help students experience God’s Word in a colorful, fun, surprising and creative manner; to ignite in them a hunger that leads them to dig in, crawl inside, explore, enjoy and live out God’s truth.

Children only remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they see, and 30% of what they hear and see. They are concrete learners, which means they retain 80 to 90% of what they do, touch, smell, taste, and help teach. Therefore, these lessons are packed with a teaching style that will help them to:

Find it. Taste it. Touch it. Make it.
Know it. Grow it. See it. Show it.
Live it!
  • –The following lessons don’t mention “camp” since they might be used for both younger and older children but they lay a foundation for understanding who Jesus is, what salvation is about and seeks to bring to surface other life situations that your kids might be facing.
  • –During these lessons, be sure in give your camp-age kids information about camp and to encourage them to invite others their age to camp as well.

Pre-Camp Lessons

Series: Way Beyond Myself (Miracles of Jesus) – These lessons are written to be easily usable both in a small group classroom as well as a large group children’s worship setting.

After-Camp Lessons

Series: What’s Your Story?

Take a look HERE at hundreds more of the children’s resources available to you…provided by Kolby King and 330ministries for a simple donation.


After Camp Group Activity Ideas

Build bridges between what your kids experienced and learned at camp and follow-up activities back home.

After Camp Ideas.pdf


Sponsor Helps

Basic Sponsor Expectations.pdf

Suggestions for Helping Students with Problems.pdf

Leading a Discussion Group.pdf

Family Group Dynamics.pdf

Putting Kids to Bed at Camp.pdf


Be Ready to Lead Someone to Christ

Leading a Child to Christ (PDF booklet)

Download a plan of salvation app, watch a video and more HERE.


Talking with Student about Decisions

Leading an Invitation for Kids

Explaining Baptism.pdf

Talking Tips.pdf

Sample Decision Form.pdf

Prayer Request Form.pdf


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