The Purse Trick


This item has been temporarily discontinued…We apologize for the inconvenience.


Make money jump from purse to purse. No matter which choice your volunteers make, they’ll never get what they’re looking for. The same is true in life. No matter which of the world’s choices a person makes, they’ll never find what they’re looking for because what they’re looking for is only found in Jesus Christ.

This illusion includes four coin purses (colors and design may vary) and the “secret” that makes it work.

Cost: $15.00

Watch the video below…

With the secret to this trick you will also get instructions on how to make a small hankie appear and disappear in your hand. This is a great and simple way to quickly illustrate that Jesus can take our sins or fears away. You will also get the secret on the following illusion as well:

  • Explosion from your Hand–Call up a volunteer to examine your hand. There’s nothing on it and nothing protecting it. Then make a fist and drop a match into it. A bright flash will burst out of your hand. Then open your hand to reveal that you are not harmed. Obviously there’s something that protected you–you can’t tell them what protected your hand but you can tell them who protects them in life. A great introduction to God being our shield or a discussion¬†about fear.



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