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The Official Directory App of Southern Baptist Evangelists

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Your Ministry is Included

As a member of COSBE (The Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists), you are automatically listed in the SBC Evangelists App. Every evangelist is given a menu that includes your name, phone, email and website. If no website is available, we link to your page on

Extra Features

You can customize your menu in the app with a variety of additional features for a small one-time fee of $25. Here are some ideas:

  • The use of your logo in the header of the menu
  • A description of your ministry
  • Audio or video sermons
  • Online giving (if you don’t have this, you can learn more HERE.)
  • Promo videos
  • A list of references
  • Your Blog
  • Prayer Requests
  • Your Newsletter

Our desire is to provide an easy way for people to stay connected to your ministry.

If you are interested in adding extra features to your menu, please email us at and let us know what features you are interested in.

Have Your Own Website or App

We will give discounts to all COSBE members for the creation of their own app or website.

  • Website Cost: $200 set-up fee and $25 per month*
  • iPhone/iPad App only – $200 set-up fee and $25 per month*
  • Both iPhone/iPad & Android Apps – $300 set-up fee and $40 per month*
    • See more of our apps HERE.

*Prices might vary depending on special features that you desire that are not normally included.

Please contact us at to get a specific price quote. Be sure to mention that you are a member of COSBE.

Publish Your Book

330ministries produces both digital and print books. If you have a book or sermons or devotions that you are interested in publishing, please contact us for a price quote.

See samples by viewing our books HERE.

Services provided:

Print books – For a little as $5.50 each plus shipping. Professionally produced and bound with a soft cover. We typically print in a 9″x6″ size although we can print both larger and smaller sizes. Our prices allow you to easily sell these books for $10-$12 each and unlike most publishers, there is no minimum order. Contact us for more details and for current pricing on our one-time book set-up fee.

How we use books: In our evangelism ministry, we set out books on Sunday morning with a small donation box that says the suggested donation amount is $10. We usually say, “We appreciate it if you can put something in the donation box to help support our ministry and offset our costs. But if you can’t afford anything but know you’ll use the book, then we want you to take one.” We have never been to a church where the amount given didn’t cover the cost of our books.

Digital books – We produce and publish eBook through Smashwords. We will set-up a free account for you, produce your book in a variety of digital formats and, if you want, make them available to eBook distributors such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. Once you set-up your banking information with them, the proceeds from any purchases will be deposited into your bank account once each quarter.

Cover Design – We can provide basic full-color, cover design but you can also use your own designer. See our books for examples of design covers. Availability is limited.

Editing Services – We can provide professional quality editing services. Availability is limited.

Marketing – We do not provide any marketing services for your book although we can give you suggestions for how we promote and market our books.

About Us

We serve in full-time evangelism but over the years the Lord has added to our ministry the ability to provide a variety of resources including apps, websites, curriculums, publishing, evangelism strategies and more. We’ve developed resources for the IMB, NAMB, multiple state Baptist conventions and a host of other churches, ministries and conferences.