“Jesus Died for You” Cards


Use these small cards as an incredible illustration that Jesus died and rose again. Call up a volunteer. Show him the card that shows Jesus on the cross. Point out the top: “Jesus Died for You.” Read John 3:16 from the bottom of the card and explain that Jesus died to save the world.

Then have your volunteer write his name on the card, just above “the world”. Jesus loves the “world” but Jesus loves each individual person. Have everyone repeat John 3:16 inserting their own names in place of “the world.” Then pull out the card and give it to your volunteer. Ask if they see their name on it. Then ask what has changed. It’s the card with their signature but Jesus is no longer on the cross–He’s gone! And it now says, “Jesus is Alive” at the top. Explain that Jesus died but He didn’t stay dead–He rose again! 

(Enough cards are included for multiple uses.)

SMALL – Pocket Size (3.5″ x 2″ – Business card size)

Cost: $5.50

LARGE – Stage Size (8″ x 3.5″ – One-third page size)

Cost: $12.50


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